Fraud Alerts October – December 2017

Illegal phone exchanges thriving on SIM boxes

Flashers, devices that can change IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) numbers of handsets, are used to make stolen cell phones untraceable, and SIM boxes enable setting up of illegal telephone exchanges that rake in crores of rupees and cause massive losses to the government


What happens if you ring back a number that's part of a 'Wangiri' phone scam

A 'Wangiri' scam also known as a one-ring scam has been doing the rounds in Ireland a good bit over the last month. There have been two big cases of unknown numbers ringing people around the country.


New filters can stop 95 out of 100 scam messages reaching your phone

Text message scams are about be consigned to history as phone operators and financial organisations are trialling highly effective new filters which prevent consumers receiving them. Cutting edge algorithms being trialled in the UK can prevent 95 out of 100 scam messages reaching people's phones, potentially spelling the end of a major crimewave.


374 phone scam cases in Johor this year

Some 374 phone scams believed to be linked to the 'Macau Scam’, were reported in Johor this year, leading to the arrest of 71 people. Johor Police chief Datuk Mohd Khalil Kader Mohd some 589 online shopping fraud cases were also recorded in the same period.


Identity theft alert: Canada

Scammers often send out threatening calls, emails or texts saying an audit has uncovered mistakes in returns and they owe a bogus debt to the Canada Revenue Agency.


Coquitlam RCMP warn of bitcoin phone scam

In a new twist, fraudsters posing as government workers demand payment in the cryptocurrency.


Students cheated in £2m mobile phone scam

Students were paid £50 for a phone contract to be taken out in their name. They were told there was nothing dishonest about this. Many were recruited through social networks attached to university groups, including the rugby teams at Leeds and Sheffield.


These are the scam texts you should never respond to

Barclays is warning its customers not to fall for a fake text message scam that could be sent by fraudsters phishing for personal details. The bank posted a message to its Facebook page asking customers to ignore the messages if they are sent one.


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